As an online poker player you pay a substantial amount of rake. For many players a couple of thousand dollars per month is not uncommon. Use our rakeback calculator to find out how much you give to the poker rooms each month.

But now there is a way to save some of this money. Thanks to you can now get up to 60% of your rake back! As a poker affiliate we get money from poker rooms for referring players to them. But instead of keeping this money we give all most all of it back to the player - this is rakeback.

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How to Get Rake back

  1. Select the poker room you are interested in getting a rakeback deal from by clicking on its logo in the list below.
  2. Follow the sign-up instructions given for that poker room carefully.
  3. Create a TTRB member account. This will give you access to your own member section where you can see your rake stats and more.

Contact our support if you have any questions.

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