Get Poker RakeBack

As an online poker player you pay a substantial amount of rake. For many players a couple of thousand dollars per month is not uncommon.

But now there is a way to save some of this money. Thanks to you can now get up to 60% of your rake back! As a poker affiliate we get money from poker rooms for referring players to them. But instead of keeping this money we give all most all of it back to the player - this is rakeback.

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What is rake?

Rake is the fee a poker room takes out of the pot to make profit. The size of the rake depends on limit. Usually the rake starts at $0.05 and is capped at $3.00

What is rakeback?

Rakeback is when a player gets part of the rake he has paid to the poker room back. Rakeback is not offered by the poker rooms, but instead through rakeback affiliates such as

How does a poker room calculate how much rake I will get back?

First, the room comes up with how much money they actually have made off of you. Usually the room calls this Monthly Gross Revenue (MGR) or Net Revenue. To get this amount most rooms subtract any bonuses earned during the month. The room then gets the MGR/Net Revenue by dividing the amount of rake taken out of all the games you were dealt cards in, and dividing it by the number of players dealt in. There are some poker rooms use that use what can be described as contributed rake, where you must participate in the pot to have rakeback credited. Please check the individual page on for the poker room you are interested in to find out more.

Can I get rakeback from a poker room where I already have an account?

No, what you can do instead is to see if any of the other skins (if there are any) offers rakeback and then sign-up for a rakeback deal via them.

How will I get my rakeback money?

In most cases you will get your rakeback money directly from the poker room to your poker account. However, in some cases will transfer your rakeback money to your Neteller account. Please check the individual page on for the poker room you are interested in to find out more.

How to Start playing poker?

  1. Select the poker room above by clicking on its logo.
  2. Follow the sign-up instructions given for that poker room carefully.
  3. Deposit money, and go to lobby to select your preferred game.