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  • Rakeback
    30% rakeback
  • Sign-up bonus
    100% up to $500
Absolute Poker allows U.S. players to sign up.
Absolute Poker is run on excellent software where your cashier and bonus information is updated in real time. You also get a large numbers of options for how to customize your table view. However, the software is a little too resource intensive for some older computers.

Quick Facts

  • Rakeback Percentage: 30%
  • Rake stats: Updated Daily
  • Payout: Your money is automatically transferred by Absolute Poker to your poker account, by the 18th the following month
  • MGR/net rake calculation used: Absolute Poker uses the contributed rake method. Bonuses are not deducted and tournament fees are included in MGR.
    **Important notice for US players**
    As of 2007-02-22 Absolute Poker will deduct the following processing fees when calculating the net rake for US players:
    *Merchant processing fees, *Charge backs, *Processor default, *Tourney deductions, *Any other agreed upon deductions.

  • Sign-Up Bonus: 100% up to $500
  • Bonus Code: TTRB

Sign-up Instructions

Due to corporate issues TakeTheRakeBack.com will not promote Absolute Poker rakeback to new players for the time being. Please note that all players that have already signed up for rakeback with Absolute Poker via TakeTheRakeBack.com will receive their rakeback as usual.

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