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  • Network
  • Rakeback
    30% rakeback
  • Sign-up bonus
    111% up to $1100
Ultimate Bet allows U.S. players to sign up.
Known for its ultra high stakes games and its extremely fast software, Ultimate Bet is a favorite among most experienced poker players. The selection of poker variations is great and UB lets you play at up to three tables simultaneously.

Quick Facts

  • Rakeback Percentage: 30%
  • Rake stats: Updated Daily
  • Payout: Your money is transferred to your Ultimate Bet account by Ultimate Bet, By the 18th of the following month
  • MGR/net rake calculation used: Ultimate Bet uses the dealt rakeback method. 25% of bonuses are deducted and tournament fees are not included in MGR.
  • Sign-Up Bonus: 111% up to $1100
  • Bonus Code: TTRB

Sign-up Instructions

Due to corporate issues TakeTheRakeBack.com will not promote Ultimate Bet rakeback to new players for the time being. Please note that all players that have already signed up for rakeback with Ultimate Bet via TakeTheRakeBack.com will receive their rakeback as usual.

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